Steve White

Мember of Magic Circle

Steve White started learning magic 5 years ago.  He auditioned and joined the Magic Circle a year later.  He started to develop coin magic routines the led to him developing his own method of sleeving.  He moved to Sofia in August 2017 and then with Deyan Chilov and Hristo Golbez opened the Magicbar in Sofia in September 2018.

Having seen what was current in the magic world he decided to come up with a better method of sleeving that relies on the ‘momentum’ of the coins’ own weight to throw them up the sleeve.  He found this to be much more effective than old methods such as ‘flicking’ coins up the sleeves. His main ethos is to show clean hands at every stage of his coin routines. From this method he developed his own coin routines and incorporated the method into established routines to embellish and to show clean hands at every stage.  

The aim of the lecture is to demonstrate the ease and convenience of sleeving in aiding clean coin magic and also to encourage magicans to take up sleeving and progress the magic art.

The lecture will cover:

  • The principles of Momentum sleeving.
  • The correct jacket for Momentum sleeving with emphasis on the length of width of sleeves.
  • Conversion of traditional coin moves to sleeving.
  • Introduction of his personal moves developed.
  • A demonstration of a range of sleeving coin routines that he uses as part of his act.  From the basic to the most difficult.
  • Timing, patter (talk, story), movement and misdirection within a sleeved routine.